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Setting the New Standard

Our team consists of a girly pastry chef, a man-cook and a crazy mixologist. Together we have created a menu filled with unique tastes and flavours to wow your senses.

The burger buns are made by our girly Chef, a Le Gordon Bleu graduate, who insisted that her buns should be made exclusively brioche-style with a touch of extra parmesan. And she was right... We can't really complain cuz we love buns and her buns simply taste

Our fire breathing man-cook just loves to play with fire. All grilling is done on our bespoke wood grill using wood sourced from sustainable plantations, that is first left to dry for 6 months before we use.

Drinks are concocted by our crazy mixologist who just love flavourful combinations of high quality ingredients, all made in-house. With gadgets resembling a laboratory, look out for wonderful flavours that you will most likely not find at your typical Bangkok restaurant.

The Team: About the Chef
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